I hate writing first blog posts. There seems far too much pressure on the bloody thing, and I’m never certain what it should be. Do I write some bollocks about who I am and why I’m writing a blog? Well, you can see that on the On Lentils page. Do I write something exciting and witty or do I just dive in with whatever’s entered my mind at that moment? I find myself judging my writing, my word use, fixating on tiny details that in a normal post I wouldn’t worry about. First blog posts make my head hurt. They make me feel less sincere because I’m focusing so intently on first impressions of form and content.

What will I normally be writing about? Whatever comes to mind, usually. Particularly anything focused on writing or roleplay, as those are kind of the focus points of this whole website. I might even put word counts up sometimes, although I have a twitter account for that (because everyone needs peer pressure to kick them into shape).

If this wasn’t a first blog post, I would be writing about character creation. Today I was working on character writing for Black Swan Horror‘s April 2014 event, The Legend of Lullaby Pass. I find writing characters for other people to be more challenging than writing for myself – I know what I want out of them, I know what subtleties will interest me and when I just want it to be big and dramatic and clear-cut. I like to throw rocks at my characters and do horrible things to them, but I feel a bit wary doing this to other people. What are their boundaries? How far do they want to explore certain issues?

Fortunately the characters I’m working on at the moment have been from player-submitted ideas, which helps me get into the swing of it. I’m incredibly excited for the event, in a squeeing and jumping up and down way. I’m really excited about all the LARP I’m running at the moment, actually. We just put together the new VIP player’s guide, which we’ll be showing to players tonight as we go through the system changes we’ve done over the summer.

And just like that, I’ve had ideas for a blog post on system and its interaction with roleplay. Blimey.

Awkward first post over, Lentil out.