Writing and Mental Health

And after last week when staying up really late because of depression was actually useful for writing, I’m back to the standard response where I’m hyper critical, feeling uncreative and anxious, and struggled to put out 300 words. Given I need to do over 2k for tomorrow, now is not the best timing.

More updates to come, hopefully. Intentions for future blog posts include things on writing women and feminism, diversity in casts and more detailed analyses of how mental health impacts my writing. For now, I will focus on not exploding.


Successful VIP

Having had a bit more time to think about it, I’m pleased with how last night’s VIP went. The monsters and players alike all seemed to have lots of fun, and I am very happy with the way everyone engaged with the issues presented. It’s put me back into the feeling of ‘can’t wait for downtimes’, as even though we’re going to have to do things like decide what shinies people managed to get (which takes a fair bit of working out), I want to see how players react, what they get up to, and we may even have gained a convert (super happy squee, but we’ll see, they’re giving the court a try first).

This post is also known as Lepsy-abuses-brackets.

Tomorrow I need to do a lot of catch up writing, as I have another 4k to do by Friday. I’m feeling really inspired and excited, in particular because a very good friend of mine recently got her book out, and it’s making me all the more keen to get more words down.

Incidentally, it’s here for Kindle, here for Smashwords, or here for a physical copy. Having been a beta reader, I can highly recommend it if you’re into science fiction.

Busy Times and Keeping Up

Term has started and is promising no mercy, as once again life as a ref makes me super busy.

This week has generally been a pretty tough one, as I was struck down with a moderately unpleasant cold that turned my face into a fountain and had me constantly sneezing, as well as the usual asthmatic tight-chest bollocks and dizziness. It finally outdid itself on Monday night and Tuesday day by giving me the kind of headache I’d previously only had once before in my life, and I affectionately think of as a Screwdriver Headache, as it feels pretty much like someone is driving a screwdriver through my skull just above my eye. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Slee I’d have been absolutely screwed (heh), but fortunately he was able to hypnotise me into sleep while I was lying in bed in too much pain to really move.

There’s a linear on Monday to run that’s required a bit more prep than usual for VIP (and I might write more about once it’s over and so I don’t have to worry about spoilering the players (should any of them read this blog)) so I’ve been busy making props and writing up briefs for that; additionally BSH‘s Lullaby Pass has character writing deadlines to sort out everyone’s skills and flopings before the meeting tonight. Between this, Mr Slee’s parents being up last week, illness and general January madness, my own writing has been less than great.

Most irritatingly, it’s meant I didn’t actually write out 10 character backgrounds in my 10 days. I did some good plot planning and structure-poking, although I’d still like to do more on that front, and I wrote up some of the characters (and learned some really cool stuff about a few as they told me their histories). While I didn’t actually hit my goal for 4th-14th, I don’t feel like it was because of laziness or a lack of dedication, so I’m sort of okay with it.

It does, however, mean that I’m super keen to meet the 24th’s deadline of 100,000 words, and I’m not exactly on target. I’m not really expecting to catch up until Tuesday, either, what with VIP on Monday night. At some point today I need to do All Of The Washing Up and a fair bit of tidying before the ref meeting occurs, as well as go out and get some more loo roll and various other household/carerly duties. I’d like to think I’ll be able to do some writing too, but on 3 hours sleep I also have to consider that a nap might just be necessary in order to avoid having a seizure. Maybe a few hundred words.

Mind you, even if I reach Tuesday and am still only at just over 90k, I reckon I can hit 100k before the end of Friday. *determined*

Oh yeah, and I need to write stories for my two nieces as birthday presents (preferably before the 21st, but certainly before the end of January). Just in case that lot alone wasn’t enough.

I love/hate being this busy. I love all my projects, but it does mean I wish I had slightly more stable health!

Catching Up

First post of 2014!

So, it’s been a tricky week or so, with my sleeping patterns stuck in ‘erratic’ mode and I’ve seen far less of the day and far more of the night than is ideal. There’s been a bit of Life generally getting in the way too, and so I need a bit of a catch up spree for writing. Irritatingly I missed my last 10k goal by 307 words, but I’m confident I can make this next one (even with a visit to the family planned for the weekend). Against all odds I managed 2k today, which helps close the gap, and I can do another 2k tomorrow to bring myself to 88.7k total, and then it’s going to be writing on the train o’clock.

However, I have a bit of a different idea for my next 10 day challenge. 10k every 10 days is a good one for me, but I’m starting to hit the stage where a bit more planning and fiddling would do me good. In light of this, from the 4th to the 14th I’d like to aim for 10 characters in 10 days – writing up the backgrounds that are sat in my head, and giving them each floping mechanisms (as stolen from Black Swan Horror). While I do this, I’ll also be working on getting a bit more of a solid plan for the structure of the next stage, and probably doing a few words too (just because I like it), ready to jump back into 10k every 10 days right away again.