Catching Up

First post of 2014!

So, it’s been a tricky week or so, with my sleeping patterns stuck in ‘erratic’ mode and I’ve seen far less of the day and far more of the night than is ideal. There’s been a bit of Life generally getting in the way too, and so I need a bit of a catch up spree for writing. Irritatingly I missed my last 10k goal by 307 words, but I’m confident I can make this next one (even with a visit to the family planned for the weekend). Against all odds I managed 2k today, which helps close the gap, and I can do another 2k tomorrow to bring myself to 88.7k total, and then it’s going to be writing on the train o’clock.

However, I have a bit of a different idea for my next 10 day challenge. 10k every 10 days is a good one for me, but I’m starting to hit the stage where a bit more planning and fiddling would do me good. In light of this, from the 4th to the 14th I’d like to aim for 10 characters in 10 days – writing up the backgrounds that are sat in my head, and giving them each floping mechanisms (as stolen from Black Swan Horror). While I do this, I’ll also be working on getting a bit more of a solid plan for the structure of the next stage, and probably doing a few words too (just because I like it), ready to jump back into 10k every 10 days right away again.


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