Successful VIP

Having had a bit more time to think about it, I’m pleased with how last night’s VIP went. The monsters and players alike all seemed to have lots of fun, and I am very happy with the way everyone engaged with the issues presented. It’s put me back into the feeling of ‘can’t wait for downtimes’, as even though we’re going to have to do things like decide what shinies people managed to get (which takes a fair bit of working out), I want to see how players react, what they get up to, and we may even have gained a convert (super happy squee, but we’ll see, they’re giving the court a try first).

This post is also known as Lepsy-abuses-brackets.

Tomorrow I need to do a lot of catch up writing, as I have another 4k to do by Friday. I’m feeling really inspired and excited, in particular because a very good friend of mine recently got her book out, and it’s making me all the more keen to get more words down.

Incidentally, it’s here for Kindle, here for Smashwords, or here for a physical copy. Having been a beta reader, I can highly recommend it if you’re into science fiction.


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