Until April

After some careful consideration, I have decided to postpone active writing deadlines until the end of April.

It’s not the only thing I’ve postponed. I’ve also taken a hiatus from WoW, among other things. I’m running one regular game and one huge weekend event with propping to do, and also involved in the organisation and kit-making process of going to a fest for the first time. These things are taking up so much time that I was starting to get really stressed and panicky about all the deadlines, and at that point they cease to be helpful micro-achievement and become another way to punish myself. My mental health is also not at its best, so for now, writing is done when possible (and with much enthusiasm), but I have no formal 10 days targets.

Life carries on. I wish I could talk more about the props I’m doing, but it’ll wait until after April too. 🙂


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