Neglectful Blogging

All right, I admit – I’ve been neglectful of this blog. This month has been so incredibly busy between Lullaby Pass and Empire approaching, and between that and illness I’ve been going about as close to non-stop as my body will allow.

So much of the cool stuff – propping, ref plans, etc – I can’t talk about yet. On Monday we go up to prepare the site in advance of the players, and I’m really excited. When I get back I will have to bully myself into writing a detailed account of the experience, as well as about a hundred other ideas for blogs I have, but for now this is just a ‘still here’ post.

My own writing has taken a huge hit. I’ve barely touched the thing since admitting I couldn’t keep up 10k every 10 days – I’ve been writing, mind, just not MY writing. That’s another thing I’m going to have to bully myself about when I get back. We’ll start with a few weeks of 5k every 10 days until Empire is over, and then I expect to be cranking it back up to full speed.


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