Tiding Over

I’ve been writing a few posts (although not as many as I’d prefer) for publication after the May event is done, as they mostly revolve around the process of preparing for it and are spoilerific. Hypothetically, I could write a bit about VIP as it happens, but I’m so busy right now with various projects that I just haven’t had time.

Last night was the UK General Election.

When I went to sleep at about 3.30am, things were still thoroughly inconclusive. I woke up to a Tory government. This has made me feel both sad and pretty scared for the future.

I’m not going into any huge detail here and now, as frankly other people have said it far better than I could, and I’m so exhausted that I doubt I could even if I had an original article burning my fingertips. All I will say is this:

It’s going to be a tough five years.


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