Singing Lentils

One of the things I missed the most about being away from the internet was the lack of music.

Not that music somehow requires the internet. If I’d thought ahead I might have thrown some of my albums onto my netbook, although the likelihood I’d have had time to stop and listen isn’t high. It also doesn’t allow for the fact that a huge amount of my music listening these days is done via Youtube, as it’s been many years since I’ve really had the money to just casually buy myself albums.

My playlists are many and varied. I don’t really have a genre that I stick to, but music affects me powerfully. The right kind of songs just fill my chest with a swell as if I might burst, give me emotion that I just want to point at – there, that line, that refrain, that moment in that song just yes. That is a feeling that I know or have, or that makes me think of a character or an entire story. That there. Yes. It’s in breathing and taste.

Currently I’m listening to a lot of Halestorm, although I did a zip through the Saturdays, Paramore and Good Charlotte. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. The Pet Shop Boys ‘Very’ album (a staple of my childhood). Korn and Marilyn Manson before heading back to Robbie Williams and 30 Seconds To Mars. Listening to 30STM makes me desperately wish I could sing.

(I’m not a terrible singer. I can mostly stay in tune – *mostly* – and easier if I have music or something else to tune myself to. But I’m never going to be an amazing singer and sometimes I wish I just could.)

I’m going to miss it again this weekend, although there might well be IC singing. I would love to play the kind of Scop who sings for people, rather than just hiding in poetry.


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