I write. Who doesn’t? This is the page for where I talk about doing that whole writing thing – ideas and planning, tricks to making myself sit down and get on with it, and probably eventually some other random tat as well. Writing is something that I’ve done for basically as long as I can remember – childhood dream, etc etc. I love it. I love it for every cliche reason, for escapism, for losing myself in characters and worlds, all that jazz.

Now, these days, pretty much everyone I know writes. Some of them are published, some of them aren’t. Some of them write stuff that I love, others aren’t my cup of tea. Given that I am in the unpublished category, I choose to refer to myself as an aspiring writer rather than an actual, proper real writer. Partly because I know that for those people who are published how frustrating it can be when everyone and their dog claims to be a writer, and also partly because I’m pretentious and like the word ‘aspiring’.

Most of my writing is horror-based, although usually in fantasy or science-fiction setting. I like to write character-driven pieces, as most roleplayers do, and I like to build worlds.

My current project is carrying on with the NaNoWriMo I started in 2013. Also check out my current word goals in Project 10k.


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