January Poems

The following are a selection of poems from my attempts in January 2014. As the first month of this task, most of them aren’t that great, and all are first drafts. These were the ones I found Not Too Embarrassing. Some have titles, but those that lack titles just have dates.


4th January

Strange how
Two words
Tell so much.

“I won’t be in tomorrow,” he says.
“Oh? Why’s that?”
“Hospital appointment.”



When I think back
On the moments that dig,
The skin-pinching memories,
The pink-dented gullies
Of words and actions
That still mark me…

…I thought, perhaps naively,
That your fingernails, latched
Onto raw, weeping wounds
Had long since faded,
And I have
Far deeper marks
To contend with.

But no,
I run a finger over my scars, and
There you are.



Just to look at how-to pictures
Of varying hairstyles
Sends electric sparks through my scalp,
An out-of-body floating,
Hyperawareness of contact.

When I say I am tactile,
That contact charges me, stimulates me,
That I crave it and
Need it like food, water, air,
When I feel my mind float a foot above my head,

I wonder
I am wired
So tightly
To touch?

What extra gene
or missing piece
sends hypnotic pulses
from skin, to bone,
to floating ecstasy?


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