Werewolves In Public

This is the poetry that was written for the one-shot horror LARP event, Werewolves in Public. The premise was a wedding between two werewolf families – only a fairy had taken an interest and partway through, stole the bride. In order to get her back, the families had to confess enough secrets to please the fairy. It communicated entirely in rhyme, and these were the poems I wrote for each ‘sin’. Many don’t make sense without the context of the character backgrounds, but here they are anyway!

The note from the fairy:

A bride in green with heart of gold,
I’ll keep her ‘til your secret’s told.
In this room the sinners lie,
Who mar this day with wicked crime.
Break the silence, hold your tongue,
The choice is yours, the night is young.
Say the words, and then confess,
In truth your sins will be redressed.
Or tell me nothing, keep your pride,
And happy me, I’ll keep your bride!
If clock strikes twelve, you are too late,
If any leave, I’ll be her fate.
So line the gallows, one by one,
And tell this fairy all you’ve done.


The rhyme they had to recite before confessing:

Fairy, fairy, hear my words,
I’ve sinned a sin that must be heard.
By secret song, my secret’s done,
And now I tell the tune.


Elizabeth’s Sins:

For keeping herself from having more children:

A mother’s love is turned to sin,
A poison spreading from within,
Her heart is dead, no turning back,
She paints her womb from red to black.

For undermining the Alpha’s authority:

Green eyes, spreading lies,
Await the day when you will rise,
Your scheming ways have been such fun,
But now your plans have come undone.

For starting a fight with the alpha that got her brother killed:

A petty child, ‘No!’ you cried,
And thus your father’s will defied,
And baby brother wound up dead,
All to keep your maidenhead.

(More to come…)


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