The Hero Who Cannot Be Kept Down

This is my current WIP, a science fiction space opera based on the archetype of (unsurprisingly) the Hero Who Cannot Be Kept Down. I don’t have a working title for it yet, so lacking anything better, I use the archetype.

This story is an ensemble cast, as most of my work is, but the protagonist is a character who originally showed up in fan fiction when I was ten or eleven years old. Obviously, they’ve deepened and grown and expanded since then, but remain a figure who has been living in my head for a fairly significant portion of my life. I only hope I can make them as compelling and complicated and flawed and fucked up actually on paper.

Project 10k was working on this story, and in the aftermath of NaNo2014, I have returned to work on it. I’m hoping to have a solid first draft done by the end of 2015 at least. It may look like I have a lot of words, but probably about 100k of them were a very useful exploration of the setting and characters but ultimately pointless as I learned partway through that actually I was starting the narrative at a point much later in the story. Oh well!

(No such thing as wasted writing.)


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